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Download a beta copy of our Field Masking Demo and see how the new event triggers in FileMaker Pro 10 can be leveraged to provide your user with feedback during data entry. Because one of the tools used in this file is a custom function, FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced is recommended . This is a slightly evolved version of the technique that was an "Ergonomic Stimulus Award Winner" and shown in the Design Caucus in February, 2009—both hosted by Small Company.

Handling Multiple Script Parameters Made Easy Demo...

Download a copy of our Passing & Retrieving Multiple Script Parameters Made Easy Demo and see how to pass multiple named parameters to a script, instantiate all of them in one step, and retrieve any parameter's value by typing its $ParameterName. If you've seen a simpler method of handling multiple script parameters, let us know. FileMaker Pro Advanced 9 or higher is recommended, since it's easier to keep track of script parameters with the Data Viewer's "Current" tab.

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