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We build and customize information systems that simplify your business processes, allowing you to focus on the issues that add dollars to your company's bottom line. Our clients count on us for a wide range of services—everything from occasional technical support for an existing information system to complete custom solutions that exactly match the client's business practices and corporate culture.

We've recently created a process for quickly integrating FileMaker Pro databases with QuickBooks Pro accounting software. This integration allows the user to take advantage of the flexibility of FileMaker Pro while using an industry standard accounting package familiar to virtually every CPA in America.

What we offer...

We specialize in automating the following business processes:

  • Accounting systems (FileMaker linked to QuickBooks, MoneyWorks, or BIZ Basics)
  • Manufacturing and custom fabrication systems, including build-to-order and work-in-process reporting
  • ISO and CE Mark compliance integrated with your databases
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processes incorporated with your databases

Complex database requirements? You need Creative Solutions!

Some of our clients...

We've worked with some big names, including UCLA Medical Center, University of Southern California's Marketplace© Radio, and Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. We've also worked behind the scenes with members of the FileMaker development community, providing technical support and programming services. We've built significant portions of some FileMaker template products, most prominent of which is BIZ Basics Gold© from Working Solutionz Software. BIZ Basics© was the first set of fully integrated general business templates for FileMaker Pro, and the first to incorporate double entry accounting. Creative Solutions Incorporated has been the designated technical support center for the BIZ Basics© family of software since 1998. We've used BIZ Basics templates as the basis for more than 100 custom solutions for clients in a wide range of business environments.

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